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Do you have an awesome idea for a fun and exciting challenge? Have you thought of an exciting twist or secret advantage card that you would like to see on camera? Are there any areas that our production team can help the show to improve?

The Penthouse Game & Show

We are always open to suggestions from our viewers! Our production team takes suggestions from people just like you and incorporates them into the show. We are always striving to make The Penthouse more fun, dynamic, entertaining and unpredictable! As The Penthouse continues to grow, we want to be sure we are creating captivating content that our audience is excited to see. 

Not only this, but we also want to provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback on how we can make the best show possible. We see our audience and everyone in The Penthouse family as active participants in the show. We want to work together with our community to make our show phenomenal! 

The Penthouse production team wants to work directly with our community, in hopes of constantly improving and expanding based on our current foundation. Some of the greatest changes to The Penthouse came as suggestions from passionate, creative and active fans!  The support and suggestions we have received thus far has been overwhelming, and we are so excited to be expanding on the community we have created!

Several changes to game format, filming, challenges and even rules started as suggestions from our viewers -- just like you! We couldn’t be happier to have such an innovative, creative and engaged audience.  We would absolutely love to hear from you!

Our production team is constantly working to identify trends in audience feedback and improve the viewer’s overall experience. If there is something we can do to make the show more enjoyable, please let us know!

If you have ideas for new Save Cards, Power Cards, Rule Changes, Twists, or Challenges, please take a minute to fill out the online form below.  Our production team takes the time to read each suggestion, and is always working toward bigger and better things!