Every round has the same five events. They happen in the same order every round. There will always be two players eliminated per round.

1. The challenge

In the challenge, the players compete to be the VIP. This player is safe from elimination and has a lot of power for the round.


Rules of The Game



The player in the penthouse must assign every other player to their room all the way from the penthouse to the basement. The closer you are to the basement, the more danger you’re in. Particularly, the bottom five are in the most danger.

3. The switch

Then, a player will become the switch. For the first round, players vote whom they want the switch to be. Whichever player gets the title of The Switch must change two rooms. The only player off-limits is the VIP in the penthouse.

After the first round, the two most recently eliminated players decide whom the next switch should be. They must decide right after their elimination.


4. The defender

Next, the most important decision of the round happens. Someone will be eliminated! Whoever is in the basement must select someone to be their Defender. The Defender must make a choice. They can either SAVE the player in the basement, or TAKE POWER, eliminating the player in the basement from the game.


If the defender chooses to SAVE, a twist is unleashed on the game, the player in the basement gets a second change. BUT, someone else will go home instead.


If the defender chooses to TAKE POWER, the player in the basement is immediately eliminated from the game AND the defender gets an extra power above everyone else. Whichever card the defender pulls will affect the game every single round.

5. the vote

Finally, every round will end with a vote. That’s right, another player will be eliminated from the game. The players have a short amount of time to strategize whom they will vote out of the game. Only the bottom five players are eligible to receive votes. That means if you were in the bottom five of the placement, you are up for the vote.


secret advantages & expose cards

Secret advantages and expose cards are hidden throughout the house and in challenges. If players find them, they can use them to better their game and hurt other players.