"The Reality House" brings awareness to the YouTube reality show community.

"The Reality House"

KianAndJc or "KNJ" is a YouTube channel creating a new competition reality show on YouTube. Usually, they make stand-alone videos with YouTubers competing to be the "last one to leave" challenges. But now, they're creating an episodic reality show with popular YouTubers in a house. When they released the show, they gained 25,000+ subscribers in under 24 hours.

While this type of show is new to mainstream YouTube (KNJ have 3.4 million subscribers), reality shows have thrived for decades. Big Brother and Survivor are strategy games where players compete to be the last player to leave the house or island, but the first episode of The Reality House doesn't feature any game play or strategy. The preview at the end of the first episode showcased a touch of the drama we can expect in the future, which is exciting.

Social Strategy Reality Shows

Personally, I love reality game shows with strategy and have for a very long time. Big Brother and Survivor can only feed the fans so much. Thankfully, there are other reality shows on YouTube like "The Reality House" that are focused on the cast of players using strategy, blindsides, and alliances to be the last player standing.

I am the creator of The Totem Pole, a strategy game reality show where players compete to be higher up on the totem pole. The lower you are, the more danger you're in and you might face elimination. Creating the show has been a dream of mine for years, and being able to produce and release it was a dream come true.

Season 1 was released in Spring of 2019, and season 2 drops Sept. 15.

Other YouTube Reality Shows

As a fan and a creator, I'm thankful for KNJ's popularity because they can bring attention to other reality shows that feature game play, drama, strategy, and more. Here is a list of some of YouTube's strategy reality shows:

The Totem Pole

As mentioned, I am the creator of The Totem Pole. I created it as a game to play with my friends and it snowballed into a reality show. I often had waiting lists of people wanting to play. I've always wanted to make my own show, so that's exactly what I did. You can even simulate the game online here: https://brantsteele.com/totempole/


Big Brother Columbus is Big Brother filmed in a house by fans of BB, for fans of BB. The cast features BB super-fans who want a swing at playing the game, and in the process, create a drama-filled intense game to watch. It is has live feeds, just like CBS's Big Brother! After they finish a season, they upload edited episodes to YouTube.

Surviving Reelfoot

Surviving Reelfoot is filmed in Tennessee. Like BBCOL, it's made by fans, for fans. This spin on Survivor brings people from all over the United States to play a week-long game in the wilderness. While they have uploaded many seasons to YouTube, recent seasons have been streamed live on Facebook.

Survivor Maryland

Survivor Maryland is filmed at the University of Maryland, and the game takes MUCH longer than other YouTube reality shows. Students at the university compete in Survivor, filming their game talk and more all semester long until a winner is crowned. The show's popularity skyrocketed when it was featured in the Washington Post!


Sequester is created by Big Brother 17's Audrey Middleton and has 2 seasons. Season 3 has been announced, and will most likely feature fan-favorites from CBS's and MTV's reality shows and pin them against fans of the show.

The YouTube reality show community is starting to grow, and hopefully with the success of The Reality House, the community can create a lasting legacy.

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