Season 4 Filming: Casting & Timeline Update

  • We're postponing season 4 filming to the middle of May and will provide more concrete dates in the future.

  • We have not yet reached out to semi-finalist for interviews. Casting is still open.

  • If you're interested in being on season 4, apply as soon as you can!

We are keeping a close eye on the pandemic and believe postponing the dates is best for the safety of our production team and cast. We originally intended to film in late Feb. early March. The tentative dates now are in the middle of May. Because things are always changing and there is uncertainty around the timeline of the pandemic, we may have to push back the dates again to the Fall of 2021.

We will provide more concrete filming dates in 2021. If you are interested in being on season 4, apply ASAP!

If you have already applied for Season 4, we have not yet reached out to semi-finals for round 2 interviews. And because our filming will be later, we are leaving casting open for longer than originally intended.

If you have not yet applied, we encourage you to apply ASAP because we're already watching your auditions!

You can apply for season 4 here:


Thank you for your patience as we manage production of season 4. There is so much more of this show coming and exciting things are on the way. We'll see you soon!

Things are crazy out there, but it will get better. Keep your head up. <3


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