Meet Valentino Warren - Full Interview - The Totem Pole: Season 2

Before playing the game, the season 2 cast answered a few questions.

Valentino Warren II, 20

Jacksonville, Arkansas

Studying Theatre

1. What was it like to know you made it on season 2 of The Totem Pole?

I was truly excited to be on season 2!!!!!!

2. Who was your favorite from Season 1?

Kadia Grant.

3. What is your strategy to win?

Play it nice at the beginning, then cut them down hard

4. If you had a warning label, what would yours be?

Warning: Sweet then Sour if you cross me

5. What character trait might be your downfall?

Being too nice

6. Why will you be the winner of season 2?

I know how to make alliances and how to befriend people

7. What is your enneagram?

I don't like to put myself into a box.

8. What do the viewers need to know about you?

I’m very genuine when it comes to those I love, but don’t test my patience or there could be a problem.

Season 2 of The Totem Pole airs Sept. 15 on YouTube!

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