Meet Morgan Richardson - Full Interview - The Totem Pole: Season 2

Before playing the game, the season 2 cast answered a few questions.

Morgan Richardson, 20

Dallas, Texas

Studying Public Relations

Producer for a student television broadcast

1. What was it like to know you made it on season 2 of The Totem Pole?

I was surprised, but I immediately went into game mode thinking strategy.

2. Who was your favorite from Season 1?

Tim for sure!

3. What is your strategy to win?

I don't want to play too hard in the beginning, but I'm not just going to float. I'm going to be nice and get along with everyone, but I'll be cooking things up under the radar.

4. If you had a warning label, what would yours be?

Warning: I may look sweet, but I'll do whatever it takes to save my game.

5. What character trait might be your downfall?

I have a lot of pride that might make me a target.

6. Why will you be the winner of season 2?

I have experience playing Totem Pole before, and I know how to manipulate others in this game.

7. What is your enneagram?

Type 4

An explanation of that personality type: TYPE 4

8. What do the viewers need to know about you?

I have played Totem Pole before, and I'm a superfan of Survivor. I doubt my decisions sometimes, but I know how to persuade people to do what I want.

Season 2 of The Totem Pole airs Sept. 15 on YouTube!

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