Meet Kaleb Turner - Full Interview - The Totem Pole: Season 2

Before playing the game, the season 2 cast answered a few questions.

Kaleb Turner, 22

Pangburn, Arkansas

Teaching assistant and graduate student at the University of Arkansas

Former Editor-In-Chief of an award-winning student newspaper

1. What was it like to know you made it on season 2 of The Totem Pole?

More than anything, I really just didn’t know what to expect! I knew very little about the game, but several of my friends couldn’t stop talking about it, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

2. Who was your favorite from Season 1?

Mason played a very “every man for himself” strategy, which I respected immensely. You have to do what it takes to win, and I was glad to see him take charge of that.

3. What is your strategy to win?

My strategy to win? Make sure I don’t get to a place where I have to rank, which will hopefully keep me from making any enemies. In the meantime, I’ll work with the people I do know to create more alliances.

4. If you had a warning label, what would yours be?

Warning: Eccentric

5. What character trait might be your downfall?

I’m a pretty pragmatic, realistic thinker, so it wouldn’t be uncommon of me to throw out emotion for logic in the game.

6. Why will you be the winner of season 2?

Because I’m level-headed and focused while others will allow themselves to get caught up in the heat of the moment.

7. What is your enneagram?

Type 3

An explanation of that personality type: TYPE 3

8. What do the viewers need to know about you?

Just because I’m not the most dramatic, outspoken or emotional cast member doesn’t mean I’m not here to play.

Season 2 of The Totem Pole airs Sept. 15 on YouTube!

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