Meet Athena Wagner - Full Interview - The Totem Pole:Season 2

Before playing the game, the season 2 cast answered a few questions.

Athena Wagner, 20

Delray Beach, Florida

Studying Accounting, Information Systems

1. What was it like to know you made it on season 2 of The Totem Pole?

I was so excited. Wesley has worked so hard and to be a part of what makes him happy was an honor.

2. Who was your favorite from Season 1?

My girl, G.

3. What is your strategy to win?

Play the players. Not the game.

4. If you had a warning label, what would yours be?

Warning: Don't judge by her size.

5. What character trait might be your downfall?


6. Why will you be the winner of season 2?

Do you even have to ask?

7. What is your enneagram?

Type 5

An explanation of that personality type: TYPE 5

8. What do the viewers need to know about you?

I'm here to win.

Season 2 of The Totem Pole airs Sept. 15 on YouTube!

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