Kadia spills season 2 tea on upcoming "The Totem Tea" with co-host Kyle.

The Totem Pole season 2 isn’t the only thing coming out this September! Kadia from season 1 is getting her own spin-off show called “The Totem Tea" with co-host Kyle.

Kadia from season 1 sits down with co-host Kyle to talk about the strategy and drama from the latest episode of The Totem Pole. A cast member from season 2 will stop by every episode to give an inside scoop including never-before-seen footage from season 2.

Why a new show?

the totem tea kadia kyle

After the attention and excitement around her time in season 2, I knew people in The Totem Pole Family (the viewers) wanted more of not just The Totem Pole but more of Kadia. Her personality and energy jump off the screen through her honesty. She's bold. And you can expect the same thing on The Totem Tea.

Season 2 has so much more.

the totem pole season 2 behind the scenes

Season 2 is a longer season and features more strategy and more drama than season 1 of The Totem Pole, and it will make a lasting impact on the game itself. The cast is over the top and came into the game with strategies ready to win. Round one of the game features tears, fights, and all-new game play.

Meet Kyle

the totem tea  kyle

Kyle Raney is a senior Public Relations major from Texarkana, Arkansas, and is a “Big Brother superfan, a Totem Pole superfan, and an Ariana Grande superfan." He works well with Kadia, and the two click on screen. I wanted someone with an outside opinion. Kadia is a part of the show and helped produce season 2, so she knows what happened, but Kyle wasn't there and doesn't know what is going to happen next. He's dramatic and loves strategy games just like we do, so he was the perfect fit.

You can follow him here:

Twitter: @kyleraney98

Instagram: @kyleraney

Cast members react to the episodes.

The season 2 players who visit Kadia and Kyle on The Totem Tea get to watch the episodes and react to everything they didn't see while playing the game. It also gives players an opportunity to defend themselves, explain moves, or start beef...

The Totem Pole season 2 airs Sept. 15 on YouTube. Subscribe here.

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