Blue Smoke

The Penthouse Mini Rules

  • Zoom & Discord are required to play.

  • Sign up via Patreon for the $5 a month tier. (We use Minis as fundraisers for the filmed show.)

  • Please remain on camera unless otherwise stated.

  • So that every player has a fair and equal opportunity in the game:

    • No pre-gaming​

    • No direct messages with other players in the game (including predetermined signals or visual ques to other players)

    • You can not watch the live stream while in the game

    • You can not watch Twitter for comments while in the game.

    • Once you have been eliminated, you can watch the stream or comments on social media!

    • You can not get hints or help from someone outside of the game (including challenges)

  • In the event of a tie in the final 4, the players in the tie will compete in a challenge.

  • Disrespect to a host, moderator, or production member is not tolerated.

  • Starting Jan. 15, 2021, our Patreon Minis are for those above the age of 18

  • Because we're streamed live to YouTube, you can not use strong curse words until after the 15 minute mark.

  • If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Josh Calhoun, the Mini Manager at