Casting for season 4 is CLOSED

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What happens after I apply?

The team is reviewing everything! Up next is interviews. The casting manager, Shane, will reach out to those who make semi-final interviews around late Feb. early March.

Will I know if I wasn't picked?

We will try to reach out to everyone. Casting isn't easy and there are a lot of factors. If we don't pick you for this season, we did notice you. Apply again! You may be better for a different season.

Do you have more questions? 


Shane, the casting manager, will try to get back with you!

When do applications close?

Jan. 31, 2021

How old you have to be to apply?

18 years old as of May 1, 2021

Does the winner get anything?

Yes. A $500 CASH PRIZE!

Where is it filmed? Do I have to get myself to the filming location?

We film in Hot Springs, Arkansas. If you're on the cast, you can either fly or drive. If you fly, you can fly to Little Rock, Arkansas.  A production assistant will get you to the filming location. If you drive, you can come straight to the filming location.

What about COVID?

We will have a COVID manager and a licensed medical professional who works with COVID patients every day. All cast members must follow our requirements before and during filming. The final cast will get more information. If you decline to follow requirements, you will be replaced.


Reality Show Casting

Be yourself.

The most exciting thing about The Penthouse is the cast members! The cast brings the game to life on-screen, in fact, they are the show! Right in front of your eyes, you get to follow all of the thoughts, strategy, drama and action unfolding during this crazy game! The Penthouse is only a game, until our players bring it to life! In an effort to find a more diverse, dynamic, and dramatic cast, we have decided to open casting to anyone who wants to apply.

Our production team is interested in understanding how the applicants will play the game, appear on screen, and interact with one another. In the end, we want to have an experienced, exciting, elegant, and entertaining cast!

Who do we pick?

The face of the show.

We consider our cast to be the face of The Penthouse. The cast members are the first thing newcomers will notice and associate with our show. Because of this, our production team works hard to find captivating and relatable characters. We strive to select cast members that will engage the audience and represent our fanbase.

Being on the show is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget! For years The Penthouse has been bringing players together for a unique and extraordinary live reality experience. In real-time, players are fighting for power, trying to maintain strong relationships, and eliminate the other contestants.

Think you have what it takes to move into The Penthouse? Apply now!